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Sid n Susie CD Review

Sid n Susie —Under The Covers Vol. 2

                (Shout! Factory)

By Anne Farnsworth


The 80’s-era Paisley Underground was a loose confederation of Los Angeles-based bands that shared both a fondness for ‘60’s psychedelic music and distaste for the increasingly violent vibe seeping into the hardcore punk scene. The Bangles were the most commercially successful of the groups, and a certain royal personage was so enamored of the movement that he wrote “Manic Monday” for the group and named his Minnesota recording complex Paisley Park.

In ‘84, musicians from several of the leading Paisley bands, including Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles, collaborated on Rainy Day, a tribute album of covers from their favorite ‘60’s artists. Two decades later, Hoffs teamed up with alterna/power-pop maven Matthew Sweet as “Sid n Susie” to record their own ‘60’s tribute album, Under The Covers.

Now the duo’s released Under The Covers, Vol. 2, with the focus on the ‘70’s. The generous 16 tracks on the CD form an eclectic and highly personal set. Mega-hits like Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” share space with oddball Todd Rundgren tunes; Tom Petty jostles up against Bread’s “Everything I Own”. Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae” sung by Ms. Hoffs is destined to become a Sapphic anthem.

Lindsey Buckingham plays on his own “Second Hand News” and Dhani Harrison adds guitar to his father’s “Beware Of Darkness”. Steve Howe of Yes lays down the familiar 12-string acoustic guitar track on the “I’ve Seen All Good People” medley that was one of the prog-rock group’s biggest hits. Whether that’s stunt casting or a respectful nod to their forebears, the results are a satisfying amble down memory lane.


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